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Premium Executive Office Rental at Ocean Pointe

A conducive work environment plays a crucial role in productivity. Our furnished offices are thoughtfully designed to create a professional and inspiring setting. Enjoy the benefits of a well-lit space, comfortable seating, and modern decor. Whether you prefer an open layout for collaboration or a private office for focused work, we have flexible options to suit your preferences. Eliminate distractions and immerse yourself in an environment that promotes efficiency and creativity.

The Executive Package includes:

  • Safe, Secure and Private, fully furnished office with 24/7 access

  • Receptionist greets clients and answers your business calls

  • Business Address

  • Courier and Mail Handling Service 

  • Dedicated secure telephone line and message delivery options

  • Use of boardroom and meeting rooms

  • Fully stocked kitchen; complimentary refreshments

  • Daily office cleaning and disinfecting

  • Company name on the building directory

  • Free parking for your clients

  • On-Site Office Manager

Offices range from 100 - 250 square feet and most have floor to ceiling windows.

Executive Room
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